Human Nature Based Solution – to pursue unlimited economic growth by unleashing infinite human ingenuity for building a harmonious world where all beings can thrive according to the rules of the universe through transformation of Knowledge, Relationship, Individual and Systems.


“The difficulties in implementing the Paris Agreement and the SDGs worldwide are not caused by a knowledge gap. The problem is lack of political will and a knowing-doing gap a disconnect between our collective consciousness and our collective action. This gap leads us to collectively create results that nobody wants: massive environmental destruction, societies breaking apart, and social media-induced mass separation from our deeper sources of self” says Otto Scharmer, Senior Lecturer of MIT and co-founder of Presencing Institute.

“Resist False Solutions To Climate Change”, advocates by HoodWinked In The HotHouse,

Human Nature-Based Solution is a system solution that uses cognitive understanding of human nature to tackle climate and social crises by targeting the root cause–Human Injustice–head on. It is based on a combination of environmental, social, economic, educational, philosophical, and cultural perspectives within the entire world being the system boundary. It intends to bridge knowing-doing gap, align self-interest with the well-being of society through transformation of Knowledge, Relationship, Individual and Systems. This requires emerging leaders – “Intersection Leaders” that are situated in every sector to come together or to be cultivated, to co-orchestrate a unified global movement purposefully, strategically, and systematically for building a better world, and vibrant, healthy, and prosperous national, regional economies, creating well paid jobs worldwide.

To facilitate such effort, co-development of a grassroot-level social enterprise community that comprises of partners from government, academia, non-profit, and industry was envisioned for leveraging business as a vehicle to advance social and climate agenda. For this purpose, SunHub Inc. was founded in Ottawa, Canada in 2017. Upon design and self-assessment, the solution is now ready for review by world leaders at UN’s climate change conference (COP26), that is to be held in Glasgow 31 October - 12 November 2021.

Knowledge Transformation

Today’s fast technological development has obsoleted “Knowledge is Power” and replaced it with “Wisdom is Power” that requires intelligent thought process of life experience gained from a mixture of learning, professional and personal activities. Wisdoms are especially valuable for problem solving. Thus, to bridge the knowing-doing gap, SunHub plans to adopt Integrated Action Research, meaning that both researcher and practitioner roles are played by a single person rather than two separate individuals, a kind of practice that has already long been demonstrated by competent medical doctors and senior consultants.

This approach enables to cultivate the type of researcher-practitioner as an “Intersection Leader” who can understand both perspectives which not only substantially enhance creativity, but also be able to apply acquired research knowledge iteratively and immediately into practice for more effective and efficient problem solving, which resonates with the concept suggested by Scharmer: “Vertical Literacy: Reimagining the 21st-Century University - a unity of research, teaching, and the praxis of transforming society and self.

Many academics own consulting businesses, and practitioners also teach. Both cases require to constantly upgrade knowledge and more importantly to discover wisdoms. Thought process is better stimulated from interaction with others, especially those who offer different views. Therefore, SunHub plans to foster a co-learning and co-creating culture to consolidate, coordinate and facilitate diverse global perspectives through implementation of carefully designed integrated action research projects that aim to tackle climate and social crises by targeting root cause–Human Injustice–head on, at the same time, generate significant values to both individuals and society.

Relationship Transformation

To build deeper relationships for facilitating meaningful collaboration among partners, SunHub plans to use strategies highlighted by Marya Besharov, Rajiv Joshi, Eero Vaara, and Dennis West of Saïd Business School of University of Oxford:

  1. developing a shared narrative to motivate collective action;
  2. building trust amongst diverse actors despite differences in perspective, power and resources; and
  3. strengthening accountability across sectors, governance levels and geographic regions

Individual Transformation

Value drives thinking and thinking determines action. The action of aligning self-interest with the well-being of society and building trust must be first grounded with shared values and beliefs as described by Mark Carney, Canadian economist and banker, in his book “Value(s): Building a Better World for All.”

Systems Transformation

Effective Knowledge, Relationship and Individual transformations require corresponding systemic changes. SunHub plans to coordinate and facilitate co-creation of a 40-year World Systems Economic Plan that is designed to capitalize social coordination for minimizing transaction costs and free riders, but maximizing human full potential as explained by Paul Heyne, Peter Boettke and David Prychitko in their book “The Economic Way of Thinking.”

Referenced resources illustrate that Human-Nature Based Solution is based on a synthesis of a wide range of concerns, scientific evidence as well as proven principles and practices that aligns with human nature. Through Intersection Leaders and their organizations, SunHub plans to bring together government, academia, non-profit, and industry to embark on an explorative and joyful life journey that transforms Knowledge, Relationship, Individual, and Systems, and ultimately transform the world.

To begin, we shall look at the world from a new perspective as discussed by Charles, Prince of Wales in his book
“Harmony: A New Way of Looking at Our World.”

And, we shall dream …

  • First, let's dream and dream big. We need the kind of dreams that will give us a sense of direction, a direction that will not only guide our lifetime but also provide wisdoms to future generations.
  • Next, let's pursue our dreams together. We need to define a shared dream that unifies us to the same direction.
  • Finally, call to Intersection Leaders, wherever you are, for bringing together nations, sectors, cultures, ages and for leading us to a desired reality and to a prosperous future.