Let’s have fun!

Events are organized for facilitating collaboration and development of Intersection Leaders as whole persons:

  • Awakening to embody a new way of life - a whole, sustainable, fulfilling life
  • Investing resource, time, effort, and energy in vertical, inward developments, expansion of unique talents, understanding of what truly matters in life, along with many other like-minded people
  • Improving relationships with others, nature, and the universe
  • Experiencing inner joy daily

These cost-based events that might also be integrated into family vacation trips are forms of benefits to Intersection Leaders. Examples could be:

  1. Imiloa Institute, located in a rainforest of Costa Rica, Imiloa is a home and an experience where human beings are invited to awaken their consciousness.
  2. Transforming the World of Business, hosted on Cortes Island, Canada for a dynamic gathering of mission-driven leaders who are committed to generating positive impact through social venture.