Green Drinks Ottawa - Jan 11, 2018: Climate Reality, Solutions and Actions

2018-01-10 | SunHub

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We are a local community who likes to talk green. That could be green energy, wind, solar, sustainable cities and so much more! Why not join us - the green talk starts at 5:30pm. Ask for the Green Drinks crowd when you get to the restaurant.

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First round of appetizers compliments of SMARTNet Alliance.

January 2018 Green Speaker Spotlight Guest:


Raymond Leury

Green Enthusiast

Climate Reality, Solutions and Actions you can take

The first part of this presentation will cover the current state of the science on climate change. The science shows clearly that man-made greenhouse gases are having a significant impact today in all parts of the world. We have the technology to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and avoid the worst consequences of climate change. The good news is that economics are now favoring green energy and the electrification of transportation. The last part of the presentation will cover many of the steps that you can take in your home and work life to help us reduce greenhouse emissions.

About the speaker: Raymond is a pragmatic individual who has become increasingly concerned about the future of our planet, particularly with respect to climate change. After a long career as an IT consultant, he is now refocusing on accelerating the changes needed to avoid the worst impacts of climate change.

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Location: Fox & Feather Pub

Date: Thursday, January 11, 2018

Time: Networking starts at 5:30pm

Cost: FREE, first round of appetizers compliments of SMARTNet Alliance. 

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