2018 China Chengdu International Environmental Protection Industry Exposition

2018-01-10 | SunHub

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Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the Chengdu Environmental Protection Industry Association and Chengdu Xinzhonglian Exhibition Co., Ltd., SunHub Inc. is pleased to invite you to the 2018 China Chengdu International Environmental Protection Industry Exposition, which will take place  April 19-21, 2018 in Chengdu, Sichuan, China.

This exposition will bring together Canadian and Chinese representatives from industry, government, and the public to discuss environmental issues and explore business opportunities.

SunHub Inc. is an Ottawa-based company that strives to promote green living for a sustainable future. We help Canadian businesses introduce technological solutions for air pollution, waste treatment, and renewable energy to Chinese markets.

Thanks to the Chinese government’s new environmentally-focused Five-Year Plan and tightened regulations, China currently has the highest demand for cleantech in the world. In order for Canadian firms to fully take advantage of the available market, we are arranging one-on-one exchanges with Chinese partners during the exhibition period. This tailored environment will enable your company to build strategic partnerships, and market your technologies to the right businesses.

To reduce the costs of attending this exhibition, SunHub Inc. has negotiated favourable fees with the above-mentioned exhibition organizers. These are detailed in the attachment titled “Chengdu Expo Details 2018”. In addition, we can arrange logistical matters, such as translation, accommodation, and dining at a reasonable price. Individual requests may also be satisfied.

Our goal is to become your company’s representative in the Chinese market. As such, we are only charging a small fee to cover our travel expenses for the exposition arrangements.

Please reply to this invitation by email at service@sunhubinc.com. To facilitate the organization of this event, we would greatly appreciate a timely response.

We look forward to seeing you this April in Chengdu!


Kind Regards,

Joan Zhao

CEO, SunHub Inc.